After twenty-five years of marriage, Ashley Lake and her husband Marcus have a lovely home in sunny California, successful careers, and a beloved grown daughter. At age fifty, Marcus is still a fine-looking man and a great provider. Except for some "female trouble" that frequently leaves her fatigued, Ashley feels attractive enough, although she could stand to lose some weight and liven up her wardrobe a bit. Maybe a little boredom and predictability have crept into the routine of her marriage lately. But after twenty-five years of marriage what does that matter?

Apparently it matters to Marcus, as Ashley discovers when she finds him packing up to leave her for a younger woman. It's the kind of shock that Ashley could have never imagine, and the kind of crisis - to mind and body - she needs to finally start caring about what's most important: herself. Being left alone, feeling unloved, and in pain-literally-forces her to rediscover the strong, sexy woman she‘s been all along. What lies ahead for the "new" Ashley?

Available at all major bookstores
(March 5, 2005)
Publisher: Dafina/Kensington;
ISBN: 0-7582-0832-4

Patricia Anne Phillips

As an enthusiastic fan of the romance genre, Patricia Anne Phillips was inspired to begin writing a romance of her own.

After she accomplished her first novel - Something In Common, which she self-published and sold over 10,000 copies; she went mainstream with her second novel, entitled June In Winter which was published by Dafina and was featured in Romantic Times as Best Multicultural and Best First Multicultural Romance.

Something In Common gives a real close-up look at the dimension of true love, while her second novel, June In Winter; depicts a romantic, unexpected second chance at love.

Although her stories are fictional, they present a familiar and realistic place in the readers' personal life. Her characters tend to be someone that we all love or hate. However, they are intelligent enough to rebuild their broken hearts, and move on to happier lives...just as it should be in real life.

Patricia currently resides in Los Angeles, California and is now working on her new novel. You can visit Patricia at

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